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Make Life More Absurd

Research aim: To use participatory processes to design low-budget interventions into small-scale spaces in order to change perceptions and encourage a diverse range of users to create a vibrant high street.

Redcliffe Warf Outdoor Swimming

Research aim: How can an intervention encourage clean, safe and financially viable swimming within Bristol Harbour, while benefitting the local community during Bristol's European Green Capital Year of 2015?

UWE 2015 End of year Show

Research aim: To design a coherent exhibition using simple display systems to enable multiple disciplines to display varied project work in a way that can be relocated.

Revitalising the Highstreet

Research aim: Can we build social capital within one of the poorest communities in Bristol through architectural initiatives? Could the creation of an architectural vision empower the community to create better places?

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What is Skills Bridge?

Skills Bridge aims to make it easier for organisations and groups across Bristol to connect with both Universities in Bristol on Student-Community Engagement projects. This includes businesses, social enterprises, schools and colleges, local authorities, charities and community groups.


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Hands On Bristol


Hands On Bristol gives local groups and specialists the unique opportunity to transform spaces across Bristol. Previous projects have included self-built pocket parks, light installations, densification proposals, a community cinema, recycling clothes shop, community art interventions and greening the high street. The possibilities are broad and endless. For example in 2015 as part of the European Green Capital students undertook a visioning exercise to explore interventions which would encourage…

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In 2015 Chloe Tingle, a University of Bristol graduate with a Masters in Engineering Design, completed a three-month paid internship at FRANK Water to gain industry experience in an excellent local business. Chloe became a valued team member, getting involved in all aspects of the programme. The tasks she worked on were predominantly analytical, but also involved more creative aspects such preparing a publication, writing a blog, communicating with the public and managing a large contact database…

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