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Entrepreneurial students have been taking a fresh approach to food and sustainability for the modern world of takeaway! As part of their Entrepreneurship course at University of the West of England, Leyth Hampshire and him fellow classmates decided they wanted to, “make healthy food as...
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Vestability is a non-profit organisation founded by students in the Enactus Society which teaches fishers in developing countries how to make buoyancy vests out of local waste materials. 34 million fishers worldwide are using traditional boats using sails and oars, unfortunately in rough waters these...
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Deki Entrepreneur

Internship at Deki

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Deki provides microfinance and training for people living in developing countries, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty. University of Bristol student Maya wanted to pursue a career in the charity sector, but had no direct work experience and the internship at Deki seemed...
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Post it notes

UNAE International Peace Conference

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The United Nations Association of Edinburgh (UNAE) is a grassroots voluntary organisation, supporting and promoting the United Nations and helping to build a safer, fairer and more sustainable world. Jessica Ma, a post-graduate student of social sciences and law at the University of Bristol, worked as...
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