Skills Bridge aims to harness the potential of Bristol’s students to solve local and global challenges. We help organisations and groups to connect with students at the two universities in Bristol, setting up projects which utilise the skills and knowledge of both students and the community to work in partnership for the benefit of all.

We support businesses, social enterprises, schools and colleges, local authorities, charities and community groups to access student volunteering, placements, internships and research projects. Find out how it works here.

Whether you need a team of volunteers to help clear up a potential green spot, or research to inform a fundraising strategy, we have access to over 50,000 students across a wide range of courses, and can help match requirements to students’ skills and passions. Our focus is on projects and initiatives that help to make Bristol a fairer, happier and more sustainable city. Whilst there is no charge for this service to organisations, we stress that our emphasis is on two way mutually-beneficial exchange. Depending on the nature of the project we expect our partner organisations to support students whilst they are working with you. This may include working collaboratively to develop and refine a brief, providing access to key people in your organisation, supporting them with any questions or concerns with constructive mentoring and feedback.

Skills Bridge is with a joint initiative of the University of Bristol and UWE Bristol, together with their associated Students’ Unions.


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Volunteers gardening in a very green space

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