The Green Ambassadors Project works in partnership with schools and community groups to help to teach children in Bristol about the importance of sustainability and how they have the ability to contribute to a greener city. The project began in 2013, using groups of student volunteers from the BSc Creative Product Design programme to plan and deliver a series of workshops based around topics of climate change, sustainability and energy to school children. Workshops are usually delivered in Spring term.

The project has been a great success with the volunteers and the children attending the workshops alike. Students from the university are given support for developing engaging and inspiring teaching and workshops for the children. For example, volunteer Josephine Gyasi even found herself performing as a giant earth to really bring the topic of climate change to life for the children. She enjoyed the challenge of working in the community, and being pushed to think on her feet in order to respond to some thoughtful questions from the children.

“Going in to the school and delivering the workshops was the most fun part and it was worth all the effort. Thinking on the spot when children ask questions is sometimes a bit tricky but it also helped me learn some new things for myself”.
Josephine Gyasi, Green Ambassador Volunteer

As part of the project, all the children are encouraged to take what they have learnt and feed it back to the rest of the school, their family and friends. The project offers student volunteers the opportunity to improve their knowledge around the subject of sustainability while also learning more about research and practical application of teaching and presentation skills can be very rewarding for all involved. Schools get to access fantastic workshops for their pupils and students get to nurture a new skill which will also help them with the completion of their degree courses.

We are keen to work in partnerships with schools and community groups, so if you think this or a project like this could be of interest to you, please get in touch with us.

Large group of students wearing green, outside at night