Ian Sumpter from The Community Farm says, ‘Get on my land!’ to students from UWE after a successful Green Internship and Action Day with students!

Jonathan Jenkins, a Human Geography graduate was interested in escaping the city and learning more about the local social enterprise, The Community Farm, in Chew Magna. He was quickly struck by the natural beauty of the farm and effect on him stating, ‘It helps give you perspective, gets you out of the city and then you can go back feeling refreshed’.

He was so inspired that he decided to apply for a Green Internship over the summer to help The Community Farm to encourage more students to engage with the farm and eating local produce, with the main focus being to organise an Action Day with The Students’ Union at UWE.

Over 20 students made a fantastic impact on the farm and were inspired to get involved again in volunteering.  One international student commented, ‘We really enjoyed the farm and it’s the first time we’ve come here. We haven’t planted before and we have learnt a lot!’.

Jonathan has now gone on to work at AEOB (Abolish Empty Office Buildings), which he feels he couldn’t have done without this experience of volunteering. He says it helped him gain skills in co-ordinating volunteers, which he now uses on a weekly basis on site. It also gave him the confidence and self belief to go for a job which he saw real value in rather than the first job which came up.

You can see the video of the Action Day here, or please get in touch to find out how you could get help to organise your own Action Day with students!

Students at the farm

Student volunteers on the farm