Students get involved in multi-media campaign to raise awareness about marine litter!

Many students undertake community-based learning as part of their course and for two Film Making and Creative Media students they decided to focus their professional practise around marine litter.

In partnership with Litterarti, a Bristol organisation which raises awareness about the impact of litter through art, Jess Dalgic and Ruth Liddell designed a three stage approach to deliver this message. They firstly ran a social media campaign through their ‘What’s the Catch’ Facebook and Twitter profiles to start getting their message across. They then delivered workshops to young people, using marine litter to make artwork and a big Octopus, whilst talking to the children about how our litter ends up in our seas. The project then culminated in an exhibition running in the busy Galleries shopping centre in Bristol as part of a pop-up shop to showcase the work and the get members of the public involved.

From the experience, Jess learnt that, “If you use innovative ways, especially creativity, this can engage people in serious topics without them initially realising. Using light hearted techniques can tease people into becoming concerned about issues they would have otherwise not taken notice of.”

Both students hope to continue their campaign through social media and workshops around the country to include more people to engage with sustainability.

The What's the Catch team

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