Design Thinking Consultancy

By 19th April 2018Skills on offer

University of Bristol Innovation & Entrepreneurship students develop design thinking solutions for clients as part of their course.

The Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship works closely with industry partners, social ventures and startups to develop client-led briefs. These partnerships provide the opportunity for students to develop practical skills and gain real-world experience working on live projects.

This year, a variety of briefs will be developed and presented to students who will select the project they would like to work on for an 8-11 week period. During this time, teams of three to five students will take on a consulting role, conferring with their client and developing and
implementing a project plan.

Students will take a human-centred design approach to solving the challenge, that is, they will work to understand the people involved in or impacted by the challenge before developing a solution. Doing this will involve primary research – interviews and observations – as well as secondary research using data and information provided by the client or other sources.

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