Dissertation Research Questions

By 30th January 2018Skills on offer

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from both universities usually undertake an in-depth independent research project in the final year of their degree programme. Students will be supervised by an academic staff member. If you have a research idea that a student could explore, or you are a student who would like to work on one of the ideas below, please email: hello@skillsbridge.ac.uk

Windmill Hill City Farm

  • Does gardening on a brown-field site/derelict housing area affect the soil quality?
  • We are about to embark on refurbishing the surface of the sports pitch on the farm.  Some of the football teams have asked that we use artificial turf with rubber crumb infill.  What is the local environmental impact of rubber crumb infill compared to sand infill?
  • Proposals for a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) energy centre adjacent to the farm have caused concern in the local community.  Developers are sure that the contribution and impact of emissions will be minimal.  What are the potential impacts of having a power station next door to us?
  • We are closely situated to the River Malago.  Local people would like to see the river opened up and made accessible for people and wildlife.  What are the opportunities to ‘daylight’ what is currently culverted?

Friends of Suburban Bristol Railway

  • We are looking for feasibility studies to support proposals for three new Bristol transport projects:
    • Henbury Loop
    • Thornbury Rail Line reopening
    • Bristol Airport rail link options

Upper Reaches & Temple Quay

  • We would be interested in an Environmental Impact Assessment of the Temple Quay area
  • How can we encourage more wildlife in Temple Quay?