We are the coordinators of the Black Dog Project, a volunteer project run by students from the University of Bristol.

The Black Dog Project aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health using education. We run interactive assemblies, workshops, and listening groups in schools and youth groups around Bristol, teaching students how to recognise mental health issues and where to go for help, providing young people with the confidence they need. We feel that education on mental health issues and the reduction of stigma is important for all young people in order to provide a system of support as they make the difficult transition to adulthood. By providing information on issues such as positive body image, exam stress, mindfulness and university transition, we hope to equip young people with the skills needed to support both themselves and their peers should they feel vulnerable to mental health issues throughout their life.

We believe it is so valuable to inform young people about these issues, and the impact we have is extremely rewarding. By spreading the message across different communities in Bristol we are playing a role in changing people’s perceptions of mental health. To find out more or to collaborate, please watch this video or email: ubublackdog@gmail.com