In 2015 Chloe Tingle, a University of Bristol graduate with a Masters in Engineering Design, completed a three-month paid internship at FRANK Water to gain industry experience in an excellent local business.

Chloe became a valued team member, getting involved in all aspects of the programme. The tasks she worked on were predominantly analytical, but also involved more creative aspects such preparing a publication, writing a blog, communicating with the public and managing a large contact database.

“The internship refined my industry knowledge which will undoubtedly be valuable for future employment. Working as part of a team was vital for turning me into a confident communicator to a variety of audiences.” – Chloe

“Chloe made a significant contribution, drawing on her relevant qualifications and experience to produce a briefing on menstrual hygiene management: increasingly recognised as a core part of water, sanitation and hygiene programming.

“She also used her research skills to collate and clearly present country statistics, which we are currently using to inform a decision on branching into a second country. She brought a great energy and enthusiasm to the team which was very valuable.” – FRANK Water

Since completing the internship, Chloe has used the skills she learnt at FRANK Water and has gone on to form No More Taboo, a social enterprise aiming to tackle taboos surrounding menstruation and sanitation.

She added: “Another great thing about working at FRANK was getting to absorb all the experience that the team have in setting up and running a successful enterprise which is now having such a great impact in India. No More Taboo is really based on their business model so this was such a great opportunity for me.”

Further information:

FRANK Water was founded in 2005 by UWE graduate and award-winning social entrepreneur Katie Alcott. When Katie became seriously ill after drinking dirty water in India, she was inspired to do something to address the water problems she’d encountered both there and in other countries across the world. By selling her own brand of ethical bottled water to a handful of local bars and cafes, Katie began raising funds for safe water projects in developing countries – FRANK Water was born.

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