Entrepreneurial students have been taking a fresh approach to food and sustainability for the modern world of takeaway!

As part of their Entrepreneurship course at University of the West of England, Leyth Hampshire and him fellow classmates decided they wanted to, “make healthy food as easy, accessible and affordable at any time of the day”, whilst also ensuring it is as sustainable as possible, and so they built Pelico.

Working in partnership with organisations such as Co-Wheels and The Collaborator, the group have successfully set up a business which delivers fresh, locally-produced food with recyclable packaging through electric vehicles to combine their aims of being ethical and supporting the local economy.

So far Pelico has delivered over 250 meals to Aztec West Business Park and turned over around £1000 revenue in the short time since January 2016.

At the same time as benefit the local economy, the students have also developed a lot of real-world skills. Leyth states, “Planning, time-keeping and patience are all skills that I have needed to develop. It has given me huge confidence for the future and the skills I have learnt are most definitely transferable”.

The Pelico Team