James Ward, a University of Bristol graduate tells us about his experience with Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

Internships often create a sense of apprehension: will I spend 10 weeks making photocopies and getting tea? These fears were immediately banished at Bristol Green Capital Partnership. My first task was to begin the monitoring and evaluation process for the Better Bristol campaign. I was given responsibility for drafting the initial questionnaire to be sent out to participants, and then in later weeks had to evaluate the responses and pull out common themes which might inform future initiatives.

My favourite thing about this internship has been the opportunity BGCP has given me to be involved in the One City Plan development process. Not only did I attend planning and discussion meetings for the plan, and through these see decision-making process in action, but I also produced research briefs for those meetings. Knowing that something I produced has helped (in a very small way!) the development of something as consequential as the One City Plan is a great feeling and one that I am very grateful to BGCP for giving me.

Even with the internship over, I know that the connections I have made here will last with events like the monthly Green Mingle keeping me involved with the Partnership’s work.

James’ internship was part-funded by the University of Bristol Internship Scheme. Find out about funding available to support internships in your organisation on our Skills on Offer page.