Rinsed is a social enterprise created by students at the University of Bristol with the support of Enactus Bristol. Rinsed supports refugees and survivors of slavery and trafficking by offering them employability skills, financial stability and a chance to improve their English through part-time paid cleaning work.

A group of students have transformed the project from an idea into a fully operational student business and have teamed up with Borderland, a local charity who work with asylum seekers and refugees, who introduce them to suitable beneficiaries.

Sarah a first year International Business Management student has been treasurer to the enterprise since its conception:

‘’ The process has been a steep learning curve for me which has required extensive research into how to set up business accounts as well as sharing ideas with my peers to develop and grow the business.’’

The project has developed many of Sarah and her colleagues’ skills such as teamwork, communication and dedication which has been evidenced by their ability to gain funding through enterprise competitions.

However Sarah believes the experience has given her much more than just this:

‘’The opportunity to be involved with Rinsed has allowed me to get to know students in different year groups studying a range of degrees. Enactus has provided the perfect platform to encourage us to set up the business within an enthusiastic and supportive environment.’’  If you would like to find out more about the project please visit https://www.rinsedcleaning.co.uk/

If you are a similar organisation who could benefit from working with students, or, a student looking to get involved please get in touch!