My Future My Choice is an organisation which helps businesses provide opportunities for young people ages 8 to 16 to engage with the world outside of school. The project aims to help young people consider their interests and skills they might need to be happy and successful in the future.

As a part of British Science Week My Future My Choice organised an event on the MV Balmoral in Bristol where young people had the opportunity to meet and question a number of scientists and engineers from a range of organisations such as Rolls Royce and Airbus. The young people were introduced to concepts of mechanics and helped to build a robotic arm.

University of Bristol students participated in the event by supporting and assisting the young people. They did this by helping to build and operate the robotic arms as well as encouraging exploration into the different types of careers which are available in engineering.

Hugh, the Director at My Future My Choice said:

‘’Volunteers from the University of Bristol have been fantastic. Spending a day or more working with a small team of school children to complete engineering challenges. Several students have gone on and done temporary work with us, working as assistants on our workshops’’

The robotic arms were then demonstrated to the general public at a community science and engineering day where around 50 people attended.


Courtney a first-year Electrical Engineering student described his experience:
‘’I truly enjoyed my experience volunteering in the British Science week event, where I had the opportunity to support a workshop at Bristol’s M-Shed – building a fully functional crane out of cardboard and a hydraulic system made with plastic tubes and syringes!’’


‘’It was a pleasure to be a part of a great team who are doing an amazing job at inspiring the next generation of professionals with such a refreshing, fun and practical workshop. They certainly highlighted the potential of STEM subjects in the best way possible.’’


New opportunities are opening to Courtney since his volunteering experience:


‘’Since volunteering at the workshop I have received some training in running workshops and I am now involved with a really cool Aviation workshop, doing a similar thing – building plane prototypes out of cardboard but this time with little electronic motors and controllers for the pupils to fly the planes and visualize their true capabilities!’’  To find out more about My Future My Choice contact Hugh at

If you are a similar organisation who could benefit from working with students, or, a student looking to get involved please get in touch!

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